Dr. Jeff Kaplan

Senior Pastor

Dr. Jeff Kaplan was born on February 3, 1960, in Los Angeles to Marcy and Jordan Kaplan. As one might guess by his last name, Jeff was born and raised Jewish. He had a traditional Bar Mitzvah and grew up celebrating the four major Jewish high holidays with his family. During his high school years, Jeff recognized that there was something missing in his life. At the age of eighteen, Jeff chose to attend a mass at a Catholic church for the first time. Even though no one had shared the gospel with him, the Lord spoke to his heart. As a result, Jeff embraced Jesus into his life as his personal Savior and Lord.

When Jeff was a twenty year old junior at CSU Northridge, he attended an evangelical worship service. It was then that Jeff sensed a call from God to serve the Lord as a pastor. Approximately three years later, Jeff met his wife-to-be, Zenita, at a singles Bible Study. They became friends, dated, and eventually got married. January 5, 2015, marked their 30th year anniversary. God has blessed the Kaplans with Connie and David. Connie loves spending time with her Husband and dancing. David would like to be an Multimedia Journalist News Reporter.

Jeff received his BA in Speech Communication at CSU Northridge. Later on, he acquired his M.Div. at Talbot Theological Seminary, and earned his D.Min. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Jeff has 18 years of Senior Pastor experience and five years of church planting experience. His pastoral ministry is marked by the pursuit of communicating God’s Word with excellence and leading/shepherding God’s people with compassion. Jeff has an unswerving commitment to the expository preaching and teaching of God’s Word in a way that is accurate, clear, practical, and interesting. Additionally, Jeff possesses a genuine shepherd’s heart for people and takes time to show his care and love for them. When he isn’t involved with ministry, he enjoys:

1) going out to eat and watching a good movie or television program with his wife;
2) playing basketball with his son and talking with his daughter;
3) spending time at the beach;
4) rooting for the Los Angeles Lakers;
5) traveling;
6) visiting extended family members; and
7) reading.




Renee SchrunnerRenee Schrunner

Projection Team Coordinator and Support Group Leader

“One of my passions is the sharing of health information pertaining to healthy alternative lifestyles.  As a result, I founded the “Health Information Support Group”  (H.I.S. Group) to do exactly that.  Our group can be seen on the church website sharing health-related articles, videos, and discussions about diet, exercise and other healthy alternatives we can incorporate into our lives. Our bodies are God’s temple and we want to keep them as healthy as possible!

Additionally, I became the coordinator of the Projection Team.  We create Pastor Jeff’s weekly sermon presentations and project them onto the projection screen during each Sunday’s worship service, as well as the lyrics to the music enjoyed by the congregation.

Another passion I enjoy is the one for our wonderful congregation!  I volunteer when I can to help where I can, Where Love and Joy Abound is Oh! so true!”

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