Serving Opportunities

Do you have a heart to serve?

Shepherd of the Hills is always looking for people who have a heart to serve Christ. We have various ministries that are in need of additional people to serve. The ministries that are in need of further support are listed below:


Trailer Transportation

An important ministry in our church is transporting the trailer to and from church each week. The trailer holds our equipment, etc., which is used in our Sunday worship service. Like the Marines, we need a few good men. We have a few, but need a few more. If you are interested in serving in this meaningful capacity, please contact Gary Riggs at (661) 823-1231.



Shepherd of the Hills is always looking for musicians and vocalists to participate in our music ministry! If you would like to share your talents with our church, please contact one of our music coordinators.



The Children’s ministry is looking for volunteers to help in the nursery and during the Sunday School services. If you’re interested in helping, please contact our Office Staff.


Sound System

We are in need of more volunteers who would be willing to occasionally operate the sound system for our worship services. If you are not familiar with how the soundboard works, someone will be more than happy to teach you! If you are interested in serving with the Sound ministry, please contact our Office Staff or Jon Watkins at (661) 342-9083



If you are interested in serving with the website or general IT ministry, we can use your assistance! Whether you have experience or do not and need to be shown how to help, many hands make light work, and your volunteering would be greatly appreciated! If you are interested in helping with the website and/or general IT ministry, please contact the webmaster Matt Sgherzi at (661) 805-7350


Additionally, if you’re interested in starting up a new ministry that we already do not have, do not hesitate to contact Associate Pastor Gary Riggs at (661) 823-1231

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